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trnd is a fashion trend service and creative design company dedicated to quality work and an inspiring aesthetic.


Modern Forecasting


We live in a world where information is, quite literally, at our fingertips. The online presence of fashion today gives us insight into trend prediction that we never had in the past. It is crucial for us as industry professionals, especially trend forecasters, to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse in this ever-changing digital world.  

trnd’s reports are published a bit closer to season as they include research on the most recently walked ready-to-wear collections as well as thorough consumer market analysis; in-store and ecommerce shopping, event attendance, industry innovations, travel, and, above all, constant online observation of blogs & photo sharing sites. This is where our consumer gets their information, so we should make sure we’re aware of what they’re being exposed to on a day-to-day basis.  

Staying up-to-date on the hottest social media outreach is a full time job, there’s no doubt about that!  While we’re all aware that we have access to these resources, the problem is often time. The issue with keeping up with trends today is the amount of time it takes to scour the web, note the information, and then narrow in on which trends are most important for YOU and your consumer.  

At trnd we publish seasonal reports suited for the Contemporary, Young Contemporary, Fast-Fashion, and Junior markets. Staying focused on specific markets allows us to ensure our direction is focused and refined so you're delivering product that’s relevant and saleable. We don't include conceptual trends that leave you to depict the meaning. (We're not going to show you a picture of a leaf and say "Nature" is a trend...;) We use understandable imagery and layouts to create interpretable direction for each trend.   


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