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trnd is a fashion trend service and creative design company dedicated to quality work and an inspiring aesthetic.




Trend direction customized for the Designer, High-Contemporary, and Contemporary market levels.

COMPLETE Analysis:

•Swatched Seasonal Color Palette
•Seasonal Color Usage Guide
•Macro Influences Accompanied by Description of Origin
•In-Depth Analysis of Influence Details Including Fabrications, Consumer Profile, and Styling Techniques
•Physical Fabric Swatches for Each Predicted Influence
•CAD Technical Flat Sketches
•Fully Color Rendered Fashion Illustrations
•Each Influence is Merchandised with Color Stories and Mood Boards

Available in a tangible book or as a downloadable digital report*

Physical Book and Digital Download comes with all imagery, CAD flat sketches, and fashion illustrations

*Digital reports do not come with physical color swatches or fabric swatches - Digital download is Adobe Illustrator format*

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